Best Happy Hours in Scottsdale!

What is cnmp.org? We stands for Corks No More Pour. What we are is a collective of like-minded individuals who enjoy drinks of all kinds. Beer, mules, margaritas, martinis, hard liquor drinks, and last but not least, wine. We love wine. As I am sure that you can tell from the Corks No More Pour title. When we open a bottle of wine, the cork is no longer needed as we will drink that whole damn bottle. Just pour and keep pouring. What can we say, we like to finish what we started.

But back to the purpose of this site, as we said that it is a collective of like-minded individuals who just like to get together to drink, mostly wine as the name states. But where? Sure, we could drink at our homes and place of business. But it’s not always fun to drink alone, and I think that our bosses may frown on us drinking full bottles of wine at work. So that leads us to happy hours. Lots and lots of happy hours. We are always on the hunt for new happy hours and looking for the best happy hour Scottsdale has to offer.

We utilize this hyper-local site called ScottsdaleRestuarants.com for the majority of our happy hour needs and they always come, though. Then we utilize our site to share the info that we find to our other like-minded individuals so that we can all Corks No More Pour! So we recommend that you get together with us during our next outing and enjoy one of our new happy hour spots that we find. But mostly remember, to lose that cork and keep pouring!